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  • AI Art: In the Style of Georgia O’Keeffe

    AI Art: In the Style of Georgia O’Keeffe

    UPDATE: This has been one of the more popular pages around here so I decided to give it a refresh. A year and a half later I’m still using “in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe” as an AI prompt. I love her style of painting and it really lends itself to what the AI can […]

  • Are We Using AI or is AI Using us?

    Are We Using AI or is AI Using us?

    In January I was thinking a lot about my phone and social media addiction. I wondered how I could curtail these things without giving them up entirely. Then somehow these videos about the attention economy appeared in my timeline. I’ve watched all of them, and I’ve been thinking about the content of them continuously. To […]

  • AI Art: Flowers for days

    It’s been over nine months since I wrote my first AI Art post. So much has advanced in the world of AI Art in such a short time. I vacillate between being fascinated by what it can do, and horrified by how addictive it is. It is unsettling to think that certain kinds of art-making […]

  • AI Art: When one thing becomes another

    I started out with this creative commons image I found. I’m not sure exactly where it was found and what it was used for. The description says, “Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC), 1912-1993, Detail from inventory number 497, Olympic Games 1952 in Oslo,” so I suppose it was part of the Dutch uniform from the 1952 […]

  • Using AI Art Apps to make Digital Art

    I have found some shiny new toys in the form of AI art apps! My daughter mentioned something about an app that makes images look like “The Scream,” by Edvard Munch, and I was curious. I started googling and the first thing that came up was something called “Wombo Dream”. It is so simple and […]