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Digital Printable Graphic Poster

This week I am experimenting with a process to make a digital printable graphic poster. I’ve been using Printful to make and sell products but I have also been testing out digital printables and selling them on etsy. Awhile back I wrote a comparison of the two methods. So far, I haven’t made that much progress with selling digital printables, but I think part of the problem is that I don’t have enough products listed. The funny thing is that I have plenty of images in my library to turn into digital products! I just need to hunker down and start turning them into products. Read more

Developing a Print Store Business Model

Yesterday I tried to print something for a customer (yay! an actual customer!), because he was unhappy with the results of the print on demand site I was using. Using my Epson R2000 was beyond frustrating, as usual. The print kept coming out too dark and muddy looking. When I finally found a fix for this, a new problem arose and the print had “banding” on it. I ended up wasting a couple hours of my time, and lots of expensive ink and paper. Because this is the research phase of developing my print store business model, I think I have to rule out 2 things: Using my Epson R2000 for high quality prints, and using Printful.com to sell prints on demand. Read more