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  • Ocean City, New Jersey in August

    Ocean City, New Jersey in August

    This post is for two reasons: First of all I’m learning to use blocks in wordpress (or the Gutenberg editor, as they call it.) and I recently switched to a theme which fully utilizes them: Twenty Twenty Three. I had avoided using blocks for as long as possible, because I found them to be cumbersome,…

  • The Pink Beach House

    The Pink Beach House

    This is the famous Pink Beach House, of Ocean City, New Jersey. Some people call it the Bubble Gum House, because it was owned by Edward Fenimore, who founded the Philadelphia Chewing Gum Corporation. The factory, in Havertown, PA, manufactured such fine products as Swell bubble gum, and El Bubble Gum Cigars. I posted a…

  • Late Summer Marshes

    Late Summer Marshes

    It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on an image that I’m excited about. This was from a photo I took a year ago. Six months later I started doodling over it with the Procreate app. But yesterday I finally came back to it and felt like it was close to being finished.

  • Seagull on a Bridge

    Seagull on a Bridge

    This was taken out of my car window, approaching the toll booth at Corson’s Inlet Bridge, between Strathmere and Ocean City, New Jersey.