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  • 80’s Design Floral Paintings

    I’ve really been getting into combining flower images with glitch filters. They seem to go hand in hand – something about the organic nature of the flower, fed into the hyper techno random filters of the Decim8 app – I always end up with something interesting.

  • Blue Dot Pattern

    Blue Dot Pattern

    Created with the waterlogue, procreate, idraw, and stackables apps.

  • iPad Art Apps: 5 Essentials for the Artistic Process

    iPad Art Apps: 5 Essentials for the Artistic Process

    There are many art apps on my iPad, and I’m a sucker for trying out the shiny new ones. But these are the ones I can’t live without. These are the apps that produce the best results:

  • iPad Abstraction with Procreate

    iPad Abstraction with Procreate

    This was created using both the Procreate and the iDraw apps. I love painting in procreate; the range of brushes and the ability to blend things very easy makes it one those relaxing zen kind of activities. The only thing I ever found missing from the app is the ability to make hard-edged shapes. No…

  • Vector Portraits with iDraw

    Vector Portraits with iDraw

    I recently updated my iPad to the latest generation, mainly for artistic purposes. It makes all the painting and drawing apps I use so much faster and smoother, and the retina display is very nice. My favorite app lately has been iDraw.