AI Art: Flowers for days

It’s been over nine months since I wrote my first AI Art post. So much has advanced in the world of AI Art in such a short time. I vacillate between being fascinated by what it can do, and horrified by how addictive it is. It is unsettling to think that certain kinds of art-making might actually become obsolete. For example, I learned from the wombo discord that you can now make almost perfect seamless pattern tiles! The ones below are not quite seamless, but I am sure that at the rate AI art is advancing, the ability to make flawlessly repeating pattern tiles will soon be here.

I’ve found myself churning out endless pictures of flowers. It’s to the point that when I see some flowers in real life, I have to take a picture of them so I can see what the AI will do with them. Like these impatiens I saw the other day:

Here is what the Ai Art App did with them:

Not exactly an Alex Katz painting but it is quickly approaching that!

The speed at which you can churn out these images makes me wonder what to do with them. Wall art? Collage material? With that in mind, I leave this AI Art flower gallery here until I figure something out. One thing I started doing is using automator to resize and crop these images in batches. Another fun thing to do is to run them through a photo-enhancing tool (like in the Pixelmator app). Soon the print on demand market is going to be flooded with this type of imagery. (In some ways, it already is.)



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