Using AI Art Apps to make Digital Art

Shiny toys made with the Wombo Dream art app
Shiny Toys! made with Wombo Dream.

I have found some shiny new toys in the form of AI art apps! My daughter mentioned something about an app that makes images look like “The Scream,” by Edvard Munch, and I was curious. I started googling and the first thing that came up was something called “Wombo Dream”. It is so simple and easy to use, but also quite powerful in its ability to generate interesting art images. Here is how it works. Go to Add some text. Choose a style. And hit the create button. It could not possibly be easier, and it’s fast!

Of course my first instinct was to put in some weird word combinations, and here are some of the first ones I made:

My initial thought was that I could make some interesting images to add to my collages. As stand alone art, the images can be very interesting, but of course, I feel like I am “cheating,” so I had to come up with a way to use the images as a medium to create something else. (Also, they are branded with the “” name) Right away I started creating a bunch of things that I could crop and assemble into collages. This is my first one based on the phrase, “red orange cow skull rose.” It’s definitely a rough draft. There are still a lot of visible seams and it looks kind of busy. Overall, I was very excited by how it turned out!

I always like to really kick the tires with any type of digital art app that’s new. I was curious if Wombo dream could make some stand alone images, that didn’t really need editing, and could pass for “real” art. Turns out it can! Here are two that uses the text “Pueblo Sunrise,” and “Pueblo Sunset.” Not exactly a Thomas Cole painting but I could definitely see these as posters in say, a dentist’s office.

A Gallery of AI Art Flowers

I love to use flowers in my collage work, and so I was very excited to see how this app renders flowers. Let’s just say I was not disappointed. As a matter of fact I could play with this thing for hours. Here is a gallery of flower images that were created using different text and styles. (The hydrangeas may look a little weird because I threw in some extra words, like “skull,” and “gold.”)

This is really just the beginning of what this app can do. Out of all of the AI art apps I found, this one was definitely the best in terms of speed, ease of use, and an ability to produce aesthetically pleasing images. I will definitely be posting some more examples of collages made with AI elements. To see more examples of what Wombo can generate, check out #womboart on instagram, or join the discord. This blog post on using Wombo as an AI art app is also very interesting. He has some cool examples of using the generated images as jumping off points for illustrations.

Coming soon, I will post some images that are a combination of AI and Glitch (using the Decim8 app.), and talk about the process.



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