AI Art: When one thing becomes another

I started out with this creative commons image I found. I’m not sure exactly where it was found and what it was used for. The description says, “Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC), 1912-1993, Detail from inventory number 497, Olympic Games 1952 in Oslo,” so I suppose it was part of the Dutch uniform from the 1952 olympic games in Oslo? Whatever it was used for, I think it’s a compelling image – I love the gold thread contrasting with the dark orange. I decided to put it through the wombo app to see what else I could spawn from it.

Prompt: Royal Lion Emblem Embroidery

I really liked the way it was rendering the lion’s mane, so in the third one, I added the phrase, “long golden hair.” I liked this one so much so I expanded it in the procreate app:


I could see smoothing this out and making it into some kind of a t-shirt or a poster. Maybe with the Leo zodiac sign:

Leo: stabilitas, fides, regalitas


Of course I couldn’t stop there. I loved the results so naturally I had to try some different animals. This ram looks more likes a spaniel, but I like how it kept the embroidery effect, and even some lettering:
I don’t know what is going on with this octopus. He is kind of cute, but is not giving off “royal emblem vibes.”

You can see how these AI Art apps can be quite addictive. One idea leads to another. Putting one image into an AI Art generator can often take you on a tangent where you create something else entirely.



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