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On Copying an Artist’s Process

I’ve been striving to publish more blog posts lately and as a result, I am starting to find a common thread in the way I like to work. One of my go-to techniques for getting started is copying an artist’s process. I take an artist and try to figure out how they made the thing. Recent examples include James Nares and Yugo Hortal. In my sketchbook, I am continually trying to copy the great textile artist, Anni Albers.

But then the useless part of my brain chimes in with the notion that this may be “derivative.” Artists are supposed to be original, right? Read more

The Cycle of Frustration

The Cycle of Frustration

Ever since I became a mom, there has been a cycle of frustration in my life and it looks like this:

Get inspired to work on art and photography.

Get frustrated over lack of free time and lack of skill.

Give up for awhile.

Get interested in improving my technical skills – WordPress, learning how to code.

Get frustrated over lack of progress, and my inability to focus on one thing and excel at it.

Start pondering the question of what I am really supposed to be doing.

Get depressed because I can’t seem to answer the question.

Realize I can’t afford to be depressed so search for things that make me happy.

Start working on art again.

I’ve been riding this wheel of frustration nonstop for over 5 years now! The only time I feel at peace is when I decide that somehow the cycle is what I’m meant to be doing, even though I doesn’t seem like I have anything to show for it. But each year I make a little progress in my coding skills, and I become a better artist. It helps to take stock. After many iterations on the cycle, I am now:

  • A better photographer.
  • A better digital artist.
  • I can build a wordpress theme from scratch.
  • I’m fairly proficient in HTML and CSS, and I can use frameworks like Bootstrap to get a site up and running quickly.
  • I have a basic knowledge of php and javascript. I can’t really build things from scratch, but I’m fairly comfortable with modifying stuff that’s already built.
  • I have a good working knowledge of web site maintenance, as well as analytics and SEO.

I suppose I just have to have faith that somewhere out there is a job I can do that uses all of those things.

(Note: This post started out from a draft I wrote on September 28th, 2012.)