Late Summer Marshes

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on an image that I’m excited about. This was from a photo I took a year ago. Six months later I started doodling over it with the Procreate app. But yesterday I finally came back to it and felt like it was close to being finished.


I’m trying to use a more definitive line. The push and pull of the actual shapes verses what the shapes want to be. Capturing a mood, a moment, without being too literal. It’s a challenge. It requires the caprice of a child and the resolve of an adult. Or the stubbornness of a child verses the indecisiveness of the adult? Ha. Either way. Push and pull.

Not sure if I’ve captured it but there is something about looking at the South Jersey marshes in later summer that I love. Green slowly turning golden yellow. Hazy humidity, but with a salty wind moving things along. Caught between an end and a beginning.