Ocean City, New Jersey in August

This post is for two reasons: First of all I’m learning to use blocks in wordpress (or the Gutenberg editor, as they call it.) and I recently switched to a theme which fully utilizes them: Twenty Twenty Three. I had avoided using blocks for as long as possible, because I found them to be cumbersome, with a learning curve I just didn’t have time for. But I gave it another go recently and the latest version is pretty smooth. So I’ll be posting more as I learn how to customize pages and posts.

The second reason is that I am thrilled with the way Gutenberg blocks handle images, and it makes me want to create more gallery posts. The galleries look so much smoother now. I have so many images that need to be organized, and I thought it would be interesting to post more of them, just for the wordpress practice. It also makes sense from a category and tagging perspective. And of course, more content equals better SEO! Not that I have any definitive reason to optimize my search engine traffic. It’s really just kind of a hobby at this point.

But a fun fact about bethcoll.com SEO is that one of the most popular pages happens to be about Ocean City, New Jersey! My post about the pink beach house is always getting random traffic. I’m not sure why. Either people are generally enthralled with pink beach houses, or else they pass by the one in Ocean City and think, “I really should google that!” And I’m one of the few people who actually took the time to write a blog post about it.

Pink Beach House Ocean City New Jersey in August

The Bubble Gum House.

Ocean City, NJ



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