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  • Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry Blossoms

    Taken 4/12/2015. Edited with the Stackables App.

  • Photo shoot at Kinder Farm

    Photo shoot at Kinder Farm

    The amateur photographer strikes again. I recently did this photo shoot for some good friends of mine, Heather, Tim, and their spirited English Pointer, Gretchen. It was fun – and successful, as they got some decent portraits. But I still find the task of shooting anyone besides my own immediate family kind of daunting. I’ve…

  • Fort Smallwood Park

    Fort Smallwood Park

    Fort Smallwood park is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It sits on a peninsula that overlooks where the Patapsco River meets up with the Chesapeake Bay. From 1896 to 1928 it served as a United States military fort and the abandoned barracks and gun battery are still there.

  • A Little Backyard Gardening

    Been going a little overboard with the gardening this year. Basically I started out growing a bunch of vegetable plants from seed, and when I saw how well they were progressing, I decided to do some flowers from seeds.

  • Rhododendron


    This is a rhododendron from my backyard. The thing I love about these flowers is that when in bloom, they appear to be lit from within. Save

  • Seagull on a Bridge

    Seagull on a Bridge

    This was taken out of my car window, approaching the toll booth at Corson’s Inlet Bridge, between Strathmere and Ocean City, New Jersey.