Photo shoot at Kinder Farm

Heather and Tim at Kinder Park

The amateur photographer strikes again. I recently did this photo shoot for some good friends of mine, Heather, Tim, and their spirited English Pointer, Gretchen. It was fun – and successful, as they got some decent portraits. But I still find the task of shooting anyone besides my own immediate family kind of daunting. I’ve got the technical side of it covered. I feel like I can use my camera to the best of its ability, taking advantage of all the features. And I know a lot about lighting and composition and all that. The tough part for me is posing people. Or not posing them. Just getting them to relax in front of the camera.

We shot at Kinder Farm Park.  There were plenty of barns and sheds on the grounds, so there were some nice colors and textures to use as backgrounds:

Heather and Tim at Kinder Park


Looking at these, I feel like my skills are improving. Luckily for me my subjects were very photogenic – especially Gretchen!

Gretchen the English Pointer

One thing I love about a planned photo shoot is that you can make sure your subjects are dressed the right way – in clothes they feel relaxed in but that also look great on camera. Styling is so much a part of a successful photo shoot. So many times I’ve whipped my camera out at the last minute because one of my kids is sitting in just the perfect light. I get almost the perfect shot but inevitably they have food on their face, or are wearing the pajamas with the hole in them. Heather has impeccable taste, and she new exactly what to wear – and what to tell Tim to wear.

The only major drawback was the weather. It was COLD. And windy. In this picture I can almost see a thought bubble above Heather’s head “Can we PLEASE wrap this up…”
Photo Feb 07, 5 18 05 PM