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  • Ocean City, New Jersey in August

    Ocean City, New Jersey in August

    This post is for two reasons: First of all I’m learning to use blocks in wordpress (or the Gutenberg editor, as they call it.) and I recently switched to a theme which fully utilizes them: Twenty Twenty Three. I had avoided using blocks for as long as possible, because I found them to be cumbersome,…

  • Is the iPhone 11 pro worth it?

    I don’t typically like to spend a lot of money on tech. I actually got my first iPhone in 2007 by winning an online contest. I usually stick with a phone for a long time before upgrading. Until recently, I was still using an iPhone 6s. But 2 things happened: My iPhone 6s battery started…

  • Softbox Lighting for the iPad

    Softbox Lighting for the iPad

    Ever since I discovered the Strobist’s DIY light tent for product photography, I’ve been playing around with table top photography. A friend pointed out a softbox lighting app that might be useful for my creative endeavors. A soft box is a lighting device used by photographers. It usually has a light source, enclosed in a box…

  • View from Calvert Cliffs


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