Softbox Lighting for the iPad

Ever since I discovered the Strobist’s DIY light tent for product photography, I’ve been playing around with table top photography. A friend pointed out a softbox lighting app that might be useful for my creative endeavors. A soft box is a lighting device used by photographers. It usually has a light source, enclosed in a box which diffuses the light when directed at the subject. The (free) Soft Box Color app is simply an app that generates different color screens, so you can use the iPad as a softbox lighting source. I tried the app and came up with a few images using my DIY light tent and my iPad:

I then discovered that it was more fun to actually use the iPad as a light surface. These images were made by placing various objects on different colored light screens generated by the app:

I love using artistic tools for things other than which they were intended. This project got me thinking about all the ways you could combine physical objects with a digital image, and then blur the lines using photography. For instance, you could create any digital image using procreate and place an object on top on your screen and then photograph it.



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