Digital Printable Graphic Poster

This week I am experimenting with a process to make a digital printable graphic poster. I’ve been using Printful to make and sell products but I have also been testing out digital printables and selling them on etsy. Awhile back I wrote a comparison of the two methods. So far, I haven’t made that much progress with selling digital printables, but I think part of the problem is that I don’t have enough products listed. The funny thing is that I have plenty of images in my library to turn into digital products! I just need to hunker down and start turning them into products.

Digital Printable Graphic Poster

Digital Printable Graphic Poster on Etsy

I have a handful of digital printables on etsy. They range in price from $4-12 dollars. which I think is very affordable. I am aiming for the home decor market. There are some great stores that sell some really vibrant and affordable abstract art printables. I suspect the main drawback is that many people aren’t comfortable with using a digital download to create art for their home. The reality is that it doesn’t have to be that difficult!

Robert Motherwell. Reconciliation Elegy
Robert Motherwell; Reconciliation Elegy. 1978. Small children added for scale 🙂

There is a Robert Motherwell painting that hangs in the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art. I photographed the original, and as you can see it is actually quite large. I decided to turn this into a canvas that hangs in my home, and I will walk you through the process. After scaling it down I fixed some of the camera angle distortions. I then uploaded it to a print on demand site and turned it into a framed canvas. The result was very pleasing! It is quite unique and not anything I could ever afford to buy as presented. Is it a copyright infringement? Absolutely if I turned it into a product to try and sell. But this is simply a photograph of a painting that I took, that now hangs privately in my home. I would love to buy an original Motherwell, but of course that’s just way out of my league!

The above poster is now for sale as a digital download in my Gumroad store. It’s only $4! A good opportunity to take the leap and try a digital printable for yourself 🙂

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