Retro Vintage Swimwear

We are looking at retro vintage swimwear today. As always, I am trying to crack the Pinterest SEO code. It seems like there’s always one random image among my pins that get a ton of impressions. In this case, it’s this picture of a model from 1958, modeling some gorgeous vintage swimwear. In the last 30 days, it’s gotten 4500 impressions, 37 saves, and 6 outbound clicks. The question is why? Is it curated? Did someone with a very large following share it? I do not know. When I look at the boards it was saved to, I see many that have to do with character poses, and anatomy sketches. This makes sense, it’s a very clear photo to practice life drawing from.

Sherry Brockwell modeling 2 piece bathing suit.

The photo is from one of my favorite Flickr commons accounts, Florida Memory. It contains so many great photos from the Florida state library and archives. They also have a website and you can search the collection here.

Retro Vintage swimwear is always a fun trend. I love how the styles are more modest, and the mid century modern palette is delectable. I would love to design a line of swimwear like this. Unfortunately the swimwear offerings on printful are not great – flimsy structures and they look like they are cheaply made. Maybe I’ll order some for fun, though. Here’s my impatiens print on a bikini: