Printable Art: Fuschia Gladiolus

Abstract Pink Gladiolus Wall Art
I’ve recently been inspired to start adding some printable art to my etsy store. It’s been a slow going process (like – really slow – I started in 2018!) I changed my process to start creating digital art that can be printed at higher resolutions, and I thought this would be great for the shop. The above Fuschia Gladiolus image is for sale and can be printed as big as 28 by 14 inches at 300 dpi. Here’s a sample of what it might look like as wall art:

This would look fantastic in a living room or bedroom. Now the next step is to figure out how to market the new pieces. The above mock-up photo was on sale at Etsy for only $1.75, so that was a success! It showcases the image nicely, and can be used for all my future listings.

Printable Art Marketing Strategy

I also experimented a little with Pinterest ads, spending a few dollars to “boost” a post in order to gage the effectiveness of paid advertising. Basically my five bucks got me 6000 impressions, 6 saves, and 44 click-throughs on this 80’s Floral Printable Art Download. Sadly, no sales yet, but I wasn’t really expecting that just yet. Right now I’m more in the building up momentum phase.

So you can see, it is a slow going process, both in the work that needs to be done to create a listing, and the overall process of creating a printable art business strategy. But it’s also very satisfying. It will be even more satisfying after I make a new sale, but hey – one step at a time!