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  • The Last Days of the Tiny ISP

    The Last Days of the Tiny ISP

    In 1996 I got hired by a small, fledgling ISP. My boss was a 20 year old former pizza delivery guy. I was taking graphic design courses at the community college and he was looking for a graphic designer that was willing to learn HTML, so they could offer web design.

  • Impermanence of Art

    Impermanence of Art

    Do Ho Suh, speaking of his piece, Net-work, in the WSJ magazine article.: “The piece was shown during typhoon season, and though the organizers insisted on securing it, Suh would have been content to see it wash away with the tide. ‘I thought it would be a beautiful thing to happen to the piece—nature comes…

  • Ode to a Tastykake

    Ode to a Tastykake

    Everyone has a childhood food they crave. Lately for me it’s been all about the Tastykake; or more specifically, the Tasty-Klair pie. I’ve had a hankering for one that will not leave me alone. It’s the kind of desire that will not go away until it’s actually been fulfilled. For some reason I’ve been resisting.…