Impermanence of Art

Do Ho Suh, speaking of his piece, Net-work, in the WSJ magazine article.:

“The piece was shown during typhoon season, and though the organizers insisted on securing it, Suh would have been content to see it wash away with the tide. ‘I thought it would be a beautiful thing to happen to the piece—nature comes and takes my piece away, takes it to the ocean, and the work disappears.’ “

View of the Chesapeake Bay from Calvert Cliffs State Park
View of the Chesapeake Bay from Calvert Cliffs State Park

I read that yesterday and was inspired. Later that night I had the iconic dream – the one where you find a new room in the house that you previously didn’t know about. Only this time it was a whole glorious wing, with a patio, and office space, and a brightly lit room to be used as an artist’s studio. In the dream I kept negotiating with myself, convinced within the dream that the house didn’t really exist, and then realizing that the wing could be accessed via the attic in my current house. Then I realized the wing was within a house I had owned, but sold. The dream ended with me driving away, watching the house get smaller and smaller from the highway. It left me with a sense of regret, and frustration, but also hope.

Then I spent a quiet 30 minutes writing down all my impressions of the dream, and reflections of what it meant, only to accidentally delete the text document.