Vector Brushstroke Art

This week I’ve been working on some vector brushstroke art. I have been taking the digitized brushstroke collages and bringing them to another level by vectorizing the brushstrokes.


Becomes this:

Lately I have been looking at the fantastically vibrant paintings of Yago Hortal for inspiring a process. Trying to replicate his process is challenging, to say the least. Look how many colors are in each brushstroke! How does he get it onto the surface without it turning into mud? It boggles my mind. His paintings are brilliant and I would love to see one in person someday.

Artist Yago Hortal makes beautiful brushstrokes

Here is my first attempt:

First attempt at making a Yago Hortal inspired painting

LOL as you can see, I have a LONG way to go. As always though, I am doing it for the joy of the process. I am confined to a dining room table as my studio; the challenge is to make something small, and find a way to blow it up. As frustrating as it can be at times, it feels very good to be using actual paint, which is a departure from my usual toolbox.

Here is some vector brushstroke art that I am happy with. I used the VectorQ app (formerly known as Imaengine) to vectorize, and I used the Procreate app to do touch up.

Vector Brushstroke Art

Vector Brushstroke Art