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  • A Little Backyard Gardening

    Been going a little overboard with the gardening this year. Basically I started out growing a bunch of vegetable plants from seed, and when I saw how well they were progressing, I decided to do some flowers from seeds.

  • Macro Daisy

    Macro Daisy

    Here’s a macro image of a daisy, taken with my photojojo macro lens. The whole winter goes by and I seem to forget that I have these awesome little iPhone lenses to play with. But then the weather warms up and I’m ready to start playing around again. The flowers are beckoning.

  • Rhododendron


    This is a rhododendron from my backyard. The thing I love about these flowers is that when in bloom, they appear to be lit from within. Save

  • Black Iris

    Black Iris

    I made this with Sketchbook for the iPad, using this photo. It was one of my first attempts at iPad art, using a photo and tracing over it. I was trying to get that effect of when you are doodling in class with a ball point pen. Most of my attempts at iPad art involve…

  • Single Iris

    Single Iris

    Sometimes I think I take way too many pictures of flowers. They’re like the low-hanging fruit of photography. I mean how hard is it to take a bad picture of a flower? Still. I love this picture. The stillness of it, the vibrancy. And by saying I love this picture, it’s not like I can…