Heart Painting Ideas

Back with another art marketing idea. Heart Painting Ideas is a trending search term on Pinterest. I love the idea of making simple paintings using the heart as subject matter. My internal art critic (and an actual art professor I had back in the 90’s) says, “Hearts? How contrived.” But if Jim Dine can do it, why can’t I? Back in the 1990’s I bought this notecard and became obsessed with making heart paintings. (It’s pictured in this beautiful, simple, well made frame that Ikea used to sell before they started selling frames that were cheap and crappy.)

When I got the paints out last year, I went down the heart painting path. These are just some really simple warmups. The only purpose of these is to play with paint and color:

When the Pinterest algorithm suggested I make a board of Heart Painting Ideas, I thought, why not? It’s using what I have, and I have tons of heart imagary in my photo library. Then it occurred to me that I went down the heart painting path with the AI, and came up with some fun things there as well. One of my favorite things to add to a prompt is “giant installation in a minimalist art gallery with white walls and dramatic lighting.” You end up with these very interesting images, that may or may not exist in the real world.

Next I started creating 3D heart objects with the AI, and turned them into “paintings” with the brushstroke app. This was a fun exercise that did not involve a drop of actual paint. The AI generated some good ideas that would maybe look good as actual paintings:

If you came here from pinterest, I hope you found some good heart ideas for your paintings.



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