Geometric Abstract Prints

This week I’ve been working on geometric abstract prints. I like the versatility of them. Once I settled on a process, it is possible to do any color combination. I started with making color blocks in the Graphic app. Then copy and pasted them to Procreate, and roughed them up with the oil brush. The Brushstroke app was also used for some more painterly effects. Some of them were run through the Decim8 app, others I just left plain.

Geometric Abstract Print with Magenta Stripes

stripes are everywhere!

While working on these geometric abstract prints, I started thinking about stripes. I don’t know what got me started on all the stripes, but as soon as I started generating images, I saw a Lawrence Calver image in my instagram feed that made me feel like I was on to something. I also came across some works by Martha Jackson Jarvis that had prominent torn paper stripes. Once I started making these, it seemed like stripes were everywhere.

The yellow and purple ones kind of reminded me of beach towels, which was fitting, as it is starting to be summer. I’m thinking of making more of these, and expanding on the colors. I’d also like to create sime actual products with them (Coming soon!), but for now I will leave them here and maybe post some on Pinterest.