Dries Van Noten AI Collage

I was fooling around with Dries Van Noten prompts in various AI apps, and I ended up making a collage. I started with a met museum costume institute image that I scribbled on with the Procreate app. I love looking at Dries Van Noten clothes for artistic inspiration. Putting his name in the AI was fascinating and amusing. I wonder if he would be appalled. I don’t think he would approve of this palette. His use of color is masterful – he effortlessly switches from the subdued to the over the top.

The more I use the costume institute images with AI, the more I wonder when we will start seeing truly AI designed clothing. At this point you could take any of these images use the patterns with a print on demand service. But the design structure itself – that will be an interesting thing. I’m sure people are already doing this.

More Dries Van Noten AI

These were made with the wombo app using the “floral” style.” The floral style is fun to play with. It tends to put random butterflies and flowers in weird places, and you end up with these weird ethereal looks.



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