Common Print Sizes at 300dpi

Pixel Rendering by Simon Lee

As a digital artist working in the Procreate app, I am always trying to keep in mind common print sizes at 300dpi. I like to use this site because it has a handy pixels-to-inches calculator. You just enter what inches or pixels you are working with, and add the DPI (dots per inch). The more I’ve started using sites like Printful, the more I find it useful to start out with the proper size. So I created this nice table to refer to! I hope you find it helpful. I’ve also indicated which sizes can be used for posters and canvas in Printful.

8 x 102400 x 3000**
10 x 103000 x 3000**
11 x 143300 x 4200
12 x 123600 x 3600* **
12 x 163600 x 4800* **
12 x 183600 x 5400**
16 x 164800 x 4800* **
16 x 204800 x 6000* **
18 x 185400 x 5400**
18 x 245400 x 7200* **
20 x 306000 x 9000
24 x 367200 x 10800* **
**Printful Canvas ($29.95 – $65.95)*Printful Framed Matte Paper ($18.50 – $75)
(not framed $7 – $18)

Hopefully you will find this list of common print sizes at 300 dpi helpful. I like to keep it up when I am starting some new works. If you don’t have the right pixel sizes from the beginning, sometimes it can be very difficult to make good prints. If you are confused about dots per inch (dpi) and how that relates to printing vs. what you see on your screen, this site also has a great explanation.