Month: May 2012

  • Bonsai from the National Arboretum

    Bonsai from the National Arboretum

    This illustration is based on a photo taken at the National Arboretum in 2007. It’s interesting, I went there yesterday and there was that same tree. It seemed like it was exactly the same. And yet it is alive and growing like any other tree. The National Arboretum has quite an amazing bonsai collection in…

  • Eames Chairs

    Eames Chairs

    These are some vector drawings of Eames chairs. Just for practice really. I love looking at Mid Century Modern furniture, and there’s something about the structure of it that lends itself to vector drawing. There’s a great documentary on Charles and Ray Eames, called the Architect and the Painter. Among other things, it tells the…

  • Single Iris

    Single Iris

    Sometimes I think I take way too many pictures of flowers. They’re like the low-hanging fruit of photography. I mean how hard is it to take a bad picture of a flower? Still. I love this picture. The stillness of it, the vibrancy. And by saying I love this picture, it’s not like I can…

  • The Marshmallow Sofa

    The Marshmallow Sofa

    This is a vector drawing of a marshmallow sofa. I found this is my illustrator folder and had completely forgotten about it. I think at the time I was just practicing drawing furniture, and the mid century aesthetic has always appealed to me. The sofa itself was designed in 1956 by Irving Harper. It doesn’t…

  • South East Peninsula, St. Kitts

    South East Peninsula, St. Kitts

    This is a vector drawing of a beach on the South East Peninsula of St. Kitts Island. It is referenced from this photo I took in 2006:

  • Royal Auto, Lubbock Texas

    Royal Auto, Lubbock Texas

    This is from a photo taken in Lubbock, Texas in 1999. I scanned the photo and then painted over it using ArtRage for the iPad. It’s a kind of a boring part of the county if you’re looking for things to do; however, the light and the landscape are amazing. I once saw the moon…