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  • A Process for Making Generative Art

    I like to make images that fall somewhere between collage, generative art, and algorithmic art. My generative artistic process usually begins with either a photograph I have made, or an image from the public domain. Some favorite places to search for public domain images incude Flickr Commons, the vast collection of public domain images from […]

  • Cow Skull with Roses Digital Print

    This artwork is called “Cow Skull with Roses.” A dark and moody cow skull with layers of gorgeous roses floating behind it. This bohemian digital art print will bring out the cowboy or cowgirl in you. You can buy it here. Please note: This is a digital file for sale. No actual print will be […]

  • Developing a Print Store Business Model, part 2

    It felt like a busy and productive week. But the important question is, how did I do on last weeks tasks? Take some simple shots of of frames against some neutral backgrounds to test out the feasibility of making my own mock-ups. I took a handful of these photos. This may be a feasible option, […]

  • Glitch Aesthetic

    Glitch Art Aesthetic Glitch art is characterized by images that have been spliced, offset, de-interlaced, xeroxed, pixelated, or any number of filtered effects that makes the image look, for lack of a better word, glitched. What is Glitch Art? Glitch art is a continuous transaction between human and machine. You give the machine an image. […]

  • White Still Lives

    White Still Lives

  • Hanging Paper