Poppy Print Tote Bags are Here!

Poppy Print Tote BagLately I have been obsessed with perfecting my poppy print, and I finally have one that would look great on some products. Presenting my poppy print tote bags! It’s been an ongoing process, with different versions of the poppy print. I love poppies. They are such a bold simple flower. This pattern evolved from tracing some photos that I had in procreate. I tried to make it look more painterly at first, but for this one, I’ve settled on a minimalist, Marimekko inspired pattern. Marimekko Unikko is the iconic poppy pattern first introduced in 1964 by the designer, Maija Isola. She actually designed it out of defiance, as the company founder hated floral prints. It went on to define the company and you can find many products with this print.


Here’s the poppy print tote bag I designed:

Poppy Print Totebag
You can buy it on Etsy.

It’s a great medium sized tote made by Printful. I actually have 2 versions of this bag that I use on a regular basis, and I LOVE them. They’re sturdy, and hold up well to wear and tear. I use mine as work bag. You can see the other one I have on my Alex Katz Flowers post.

Here’s a second one I designed. This one uses a bold splash of poppies, rather than a repeatable print. Again, you can purchase this on Etsy. 

Poppy Print Tote Bag

If you want to read more about the history of the Marimekko brand, this is a good start.

And big news! Soon I will be using this site as my storefront, rather than Etsy. Everything set up and ready to go. I just need to add some products.