Glitch Aesthetic

Glitch Art Aesthetic

Glitch art is characterized by images that have been spliced, offset, de-interlaced, xeroxed, pixelated, or any number of filtered effects that makes the image look, for lack of a better word, glitched.

What is Glitch Art?

Glitch art is a continuous transaction between human and machine. You give the machine an image. It gives you back an altered image. You push, it pulls, you give, it takes. It’s an ongoing negotiation. The machine gives back infinite altered versions of that image. The beauty is in the curation of these iterations. The machine can glitch infinitely. It is up to the artist to choose the one that is compelling.

How to Glitch

Natural organic objects are best. The glitches reveal an object’s gestalt, which can than be twisted, amplified, tortured, but still retain what makes the object itself.

These images were made on an iPad. I use the Decim8 app for the actual glitching, the Brushstroke app for painterly effects, and Procreate for layering and collaging. For more glitch art you can follow the #glitchart hashtag on instagram. Artsy also has a good collection of the glitch aesthetic. You can also follow my feed @bethcoll, or the feeds of these other glitch artists: @jedeyr, @glitchin_the_system, and @atanenhous.