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Don’t Forget to Cook

That’s what I need to tell myself sometimes. I get so stressed out and the process of cooking can be so soothing. It’s easy to let cooking slide into the category of all the other things I hate about being a housewife (laundry, straightening up, doing the dishes, more laundry.) But then I remember that I actually like to cook. And I especially love cooking something that will be appreciated. There is nothing I can cook that will be appreciated by my young children, who would be happy to subsist entirely on happy meals and goldfish. So I mistakenly let cooking drift into the category of things I hate about being a housewife.

After the stress of getting 3 little kids out the door with their Valentines day crap, I realized I had neglected to eat breakfast and I made this. Fried polenta with a tomato basil brunoise, and feta scrambled eggs. And darn it was good.