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  • Silencing the Inner Art Critic

    Do you have an inner art critic? How do you go about silencing him/her/them? Julia Cameron, who wrote the definitive book on maintaining creativity, “The Artist’s Way,” calls the inner art critic “the Censor,” and suggests visualizing him in a funny way to take away his power. The point is that the inner critic does […]

  • Eckhart Tolle on being an artist

    Lately I’ve been having a creative block. But not just the normal, “I don’t know what to work on” block. This one has been more existential. In the past few years I have been reading (and practicing) the work of Eckhart Tolle, and I often think about how his philosophy relates to being an artist.

  • Esterillos Este: a Costa Rican Vacation with Kids

    Thinking of vacationing in Costa Rica with kids? Consider Esterillos Este. When we decided to plan a trip to Costa Rica with our 3 children, all our research led to this wonderful destination. It is a small (very small) beach town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Puntarenas province.  To the north […]

  • Thessalonians 4:11-12

    “Aspire to lead a quiet life, mind your own affairs, and work with your hands.” Words to live by. Thessalonians 4:11-12.

  • Low Fodmap Spinach Soufflé

    Low Fodmap Spinach Soufflé

    I’ve been fooling around with a recipe for a spinach soufflé. It’s low fodmap (which means it’s IBS-friendly!) and it’s made with the Vitamix. I was trying to come up with something that tastes like Stouffers Spinach Soufflé. It is highly customizable.

  • Booths Corner Farmers Market

    Booths Corner Farmers Market