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A Little Backyard Gardening

Been going a little overboard with the gardening this year. Basically I started out growing a bunch of vegetable plants from seed, and when I saw how well they were progressing, I decided to do some flowers from seeds. Read more

Softbox Lighting for the iPad

Ever since I discovered the Strobist’s DIY light tent for product photography, I’ve been playing around with table top photography. A friend pointed out a¬†softbox lighting app that might be useful for my creative endeavors. A soft box is a lighting device used by photographers. It usually has a light source, enclosed in a box which diffuses the light when directed at the subject. The (free) Soft Box Color app is simply an app that generates different color screens, so you can use the iPad as a softbox lighting source. Read more

Macro Daisy

Here’s a macro image of a daisy, taken with my photojojo macro lens. The whole winter goes by and I seem to forget that I have these awesome little iPhone lenses to play with. But then the weather warms up and I’m ready to start playing around again. The flowers are beckoning.

Beautiful Mid Century Modern Home in Maryland

This is a very interesting Mid Century Modern house on Gibson Island, Maryland. Originally listed for sale at 2.3 million in September of 2012, it is now down to 1.3 million. Read more

iPad Art Apps: 5 Essentials for the Artistic Process

There are many art apps on my iPad, and I’m a sucker for trying out the shiny new ones. But these are the ones I can’t live without. These are the apps that produce the best results: Read more