Blue Dot Pattern

Created with the waterlogue, procreate, idraw, and stackables apps.

Gretchen the English Pointer

Photo shoot at Kinder Farm

The amateur photographer strikes again. I recently did this photo shoot for some good friends of mine, Heather, Tim, and their spirited English Pointer, Gretchen. It was fun – and successful, as they got some decent portraits. But I still find the task of shooting anyone besides my own immediate family kind of daunting. I’ve got the technical side of…

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Stop the ride - I want to get off!!!

The Cycle of Frustration

Ever since I became a mom, there has been a cycle of frustration in my life and it looks like this: Get inspired to work on art and photography. Get frustrated over lack of free time and lack of skill. Give up for awhile. Get interested in improving my technical skills – WordPress, learning how to code. Get frustrated over…

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Self Portrait after Chuck Close

Chuck Close on Courage

I was recently thinking about why it is so hard to cultivate the habit of making art; whether it be words, images, or photography. I came to the conclusion that it should be as simple as cultivating two qualities: courage and discipline. So of course the next step was to google, “How to be more courageous.” And this relevant quote…

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Fort Smallwood Park

Fort Smallwood park is in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. It sits on a peninsula that overlooks where the Patapsco River meets up with the Chesapeake Bay. From 1896 to 1928 it served as a United States military fort and the abandoned barracks and gun battery are still there.


A Great Site for Seamless Web Patterns

The Pattern Library. I love this site and have been using it often. It offers a great little collection of nicely designed seamless web patterns that are free to use. It’s a small collection, but very nicely curated.

The New Yorker Logo

WordPress and the New Yorker

From FastCoDesign: “With the relaunch, runs on WordPress, a more robust, user-friendly CMS. “We’re looking at almost total upside there,” Thompson tells me. Because the tools are no longer getting in the way of producers doing their job, is now able to publish a greater volume of stories every day. The site used to top out at 10…

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Late Summer Marshes

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on an image that I’m excited about. This was from a photo I took a year ago. Six months later I started doodling over it with the Procreate app. But yesterday I finally came back to it and felt like it was close to being finished.


The Last Days of the Tiny ISP

In 1996 I got hired by a small, fledgling ISP. My boss was a 20 year old former pizza delivery guy. I was taking graphic design courses at the community college and he was looking for a graphic designer that was willing to learn HTML, so they could offer web design.